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About The Inn

Built in 1898 by the founder of the town, Rollin R. Richardson, The Duquesne (pronounced Du-cane) Bunkhouse, as it was known, was originally an adobe boarding house for miners working in the Patagonia Mountains.

Over the decades that followed, it passed through the hands of several local families until it was lovingly renovated beginning in the 1970s. It was reborn as The Duquesne House Bed & Breakfast in 1989. Many local artists and artisans creatively evolved the space in the years that followed. It changed hands in 2003 and the new owners continued its marvelous transformation.

In 2015 we became the proud owners and caretakers of this historic Patagonia landmark. In honor of the deep roots the building has here and the amazing gardens on the property, we now call it The Duquesne House Inn & Gardens.

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357 Duquesne Avenue
PO Box 1235
Patagonia, AZ 85624


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