The Duquesne House Inn & Gardens

check availability and make reservationsWhen Rollin R .Richardson came to southeastern Arizona in the late 1800’s, the town of Patagonia was nonexistent. He soon acquired a local ranch and began developing the town. His interests expanded to mining, and he owned and operated the Duquesne Mining and Reduction Company in the nearby Patagonia Mountains. However, the mine wasn’t close enough for the miners to commute from town (only buckboards and mules back then) so in 1898, Richardson built a boarding house for his miners when they came to town for their overnight forays.

Almost 100 years later, Richardson’s boarding house was renovated and The Duquesne House Inn & Gardens was born. The former boarding house rooms are now charming and colorful suites, ready to accommodate visitors from all parts of world who have come to southeastern Arizona to enjoy its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities.

As Patagonians who love exploring  this area, we are here to help you discover the experiences that will make your trip to southeastern Arizona a memorable one. We hope to see you soon!

Duquesne House in the Media

The Duquesne House B&B has been listed in editions of Frommer's, Arizona and the Grand Canyon (an Insight Guide), and Hidden Arizona.
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